The new art curriculum has a strong emphasis on the teaching of drawing using a range of media from an early age working towards mastery of techniques. There is an emphasis on knowing about the historical development of art through teaching about great artists and designers. Art is regularly part of topic work. Work produced is in line with the curriculum and the outcomes are often used for display purposes.  Pupil’s sketchbooks are used to gather, collect ideas, experiment and reflect on their learning.

Fundamental Great British Values

At Chapel End Junior Academy we understand clearly our responsibility in preparing children for their next stage of education and for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, laying the foundations so that they can take their place successfully in modern British society. We promote a respect for and understanding of different faiths, cultures and lifestyles. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child is central to everything that we do as a school and central to our vision of “Dream Believe Achieve”. This is evidenced through our teaching and learning, our inclusive environment and through the many opportunities provided for our children to understand democracy, law, liberty, mutual respect and tolerance.


At Chapel End Junior Academy Art is taught through a thematic approach. Our curriculum is carefully planned to engage and excite all our learners. Our long-term and medium-term plans map out the themes covered each term for each key stage. These plans define what will be taught and ensure an appropriate balance and distribution of work across each term. Planning for all year groups can be found in year group folders.


Teachers monitor progress in a formative way and adjust their teaching accordingly. Ongoing assessment is carried out throughout each lesson and we adapt our teaching to the needs of the children. At the end of each session, children self assess their steps to achieve the learning intention. Pupils also participate in peer assessment.

Enrichment Opportunities

  • We have 2 successful Art clubs held after school.
  • Year 3 are participating in the Tate Year 3 art project
  • Participation in National art competition – Fourth Plinth

 Pupil voice

  • Pupils have clearly shown that they thoroughly enjoy art. This has been demonstrated in the numerous requests to provide a second club.

Targets for 2019-20

  • Develop a whole school enrichment overview to ensure all children have opportunities for enrichment within their year group activities.
  • All plans to be easily accessible on Staff shared drive for other members of staff to use.
  • Planning and progression of skills will be monitored. Pupils will develop the use of sketchbooks across the school. Pupils will be able to demonstrate good knowledge and understanding of the arts and will develop
  • Provide ‘authentic experiences’ to local and national galleries to inspire and engage pupils.
  • To participate in a greater number of local and nationally held competitions which will excite pupils and encourage children to fulfil our school vision of ‘Dream Believe Achieve’.