“A thriving, joyful centre of learning.” Ofsted 2015


Chapel End Junior Academy has a range of policies and procedures to ensure the smooth running of the school and to advise parents, carers and children of best practice. Our policies are in line with all the academies within REAch2. However, they are personalised to us.

The school is required by law to develop and implement certain policies covering such areas as safeguarding children's welfare, health and safety, special educational needs, disability discrimination etc. These policies are reviewed regularly and are all agreed and ratified by the Governing Body.

The school's approach to teaching is laid out in our Teaching and Learning Policy and each subject area has its own policy which outlines how we teach the subject, what is taught and the different methods that we might use.

There are several policies that are very important to keeping children safe and we ask parents to pay particular attention to these policies.

Inclusion Policy.pdf
Behaviour Policy.pdf
3. CEJA Time Out - reflection sheet.pdf
4. CEJA Class Stars -Template.pdf
Curriculum Policy Guidance.pdf
Freedom of Information and Data Protection Policy and Procedure.pdf
Health and Safety Policy.pdf
Home School Agreement.pdf
Learning At Home Policy.pdf
Charging and Remissions.pdf
Safeguarding Policy.pdf
CEJA Sex and Relationships Education Policy 2015.pdf
10. Admissions Policy 2017.pdf
Calculation Policy.pdf
7c. Teaching & Learning policy Jan 2015.pdf
Complaints Policy and Procedure.pdf
Single Equality Scheme.pdf
Home Learning Policy.docx
Accessibility Plan 2016.pdf