“A thriving, joyful centre of learning.” Ofsted 2015

A Day In The Life

  • Quality teaching.
    The lessons engage the childen in their learning
  • Learning at home and school.
    The children can access their maths and reading learning at home.
  • Different opportunities.
    The children learn in many ways
  • Making discoveries
    Children enjoy exploring the world.
  • Lunchtime play.
    A chance to play and catch up with friends.
  • Fresh food available daily.
    The school dinners are prepared and cooked in the kitchen everyday.
  • Making learning interactive.
    All our classrooms have up to date interactive whiteboards.
  • The school values music.
    We ensure all children have the chance to participate in making music.
  • Supporting children in their learning.
    individual pupil's needs are very important to everyone in school.
  • A well-stocked library.
    Every day reading is taught and supported in a variety of ways.
  • School is fun!
    The best way to learn is to enjoy it at the same time!